Ghosts of Faversham - A Halloween Special

As we approach Halloween in Faversham you may be surprised to learn that Faversham is one of the UK's most haunted towns. Read on to find out about some of our ghostly residents

The Great Storm

The 16th of October marks 30 years since "The Great Storm" unexpectedly hit Southern England. Read our memories from that day

The Future of Online Estate Agents?

Online estate agents have shaken the industry up and have taken a share of the market. But, will they continue to grow?

Genuine Feedback

Genuine customer feedback is vital for any business, and especially important to estate agents

Lovey's Tale

From the scrap heap to estate agent. The tale of a very special butcher's bike

Why You Should Choose A Good Estate Agent

The housing market will always go through good times and bad, this is why you should always use a good estate agent to sell your home

Marketing in local newspapers

If 80% of all property searches start online, what is the point of marketing in local newspapers?

Property Listings on Facebook

It's looking increasingly likely that Facebook will soon be able to list homes for sale in the US, allowing agents to advertise their housing stock

There is Another Way

There is another way to sell your home, read on to learn about The Saxon Shore Way

Faversham Hop Festival

This weekend sees the 27th Faversham Hop Festival which has to be the highlight of Faversham's annual events calendar. The festival began in 1990 as Faversham's response to the increasingly popular Rochester Sweeps Festival.